2010 China Printed Circuit Industry Top hundred enterprises-PCB

Fastprint ranked No.34 on the list of 2010 China Printed Circuit Industry Top hundred enterprises-PCB released by CPCA.

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2011 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

Fastprint attended the 16th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition from Jun 9 – Jun 12 2011. Founded in 1996, Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition is becoming a world class exhibition which attracts the most excellent lighting manufacturers and the trade companies and the professional visitors. Our company introduced metal substrate PCB to the visitors with the whole poster design and our products samples. Around 400 LED customers visited our booth and very recognized our metal substrate PCB in this show.

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The 14th Moscow international electronic components exhibition was held successfully

From 19 to 21 April 2011, our company attended the 14th Moscow international electronic components exhibition for three days. The exhibition has been set up for 13 years and become the most prestigious largest electronic infrastructure products as a professional exhibition in Russia and the whole Eastern Europe. during the exhibition , our company continued to promote the theme—PCB design, PCB manufacturing and PCB SMT, the one-stop service that fully introduced the advanced service mode and producing ability to the local customers, which has been better to expand our company influence and improve the overseas brand image in Russia .

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Field training of overseas sales department

From 26 to 27 March of 2011, overseas sales department launched a expansion training for two days. During the devil sort of training, players experienced various tests, giving their full play to the solidarity and dedication. All players have deeply felt the happiness and team’s strength for the mutual help.

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