The donative ceremony of Fastprint's award


On July 30,the donative ceremony of Fastprint'award was held in the building of Luogang Supervisory Committee.Guangzhou Fastprint Company subscribed the donative agreement with the Charity Committee of Luogang area.Fastprint submitted one million cheque to the Charity Committee,and set up Fastprint's award as well.

From this year,Fastprint will donate at least one million each year to Luogang area for encourage excellent teachers and help needy students.It is reported, except the material that for helping disaster area rebuild, Fastprint'award is the largest sum of money that Luogang aera ever had since it has come into existence.

Guangzhou exploitation area's leaders and Fastprint's board chairman attended the donative ceremony .The leader of Luogang area said :"The best advantage that Luogang area has is it has a passel of successful oversea corporations and private corporations,they are main force to the benevolent career of Luogang area."He also hopes that evrey corporation would like Fastprint as shoulder the society responsibility,and promote the development of societal career with government hand in hand.